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Tell me being in a relationship can end well because I’m fucking terrified.

after fighting it and fighting it, I am just going to let myself fall hard with this guy

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I have to save myself from this guy. Ordinarily we see each other once a week—max, and that’s more than enough, but this morning I actually missed him. I don’t like being weak or susceptible or dependent. I spent the entire day at work telling myself he didn’t really want me and that he’s going to call it off soon to be with some girl he met on OkCupid who’s willing to sleep with him and isn’t as terrifyingly guarded as I am, and now I’m actually mad and I want him to find someone else and no longer miss him, so I guess it worked. It’s kind of terrifying how I can talk myself back into my independent and irate state of mind.


Tab Hunter and Terry Moore

A misandrist learns that not all men are evil dicks.

I’m seeing someone right now, and it scares the living hell out of me. Recently we progressed to the make-out-at-the-end of the date stage, and the other night I went over to his apartment and we kissed in his bed. At one point, he was crouched over me while I was lying down, and pulled me toward him by grabbing my legs. My immediate reaction was that I thought he was about to rape me or try to, and I said,” What are you doing?” His response :”Moving you so you don’t bang your head against the wall.” Oh. Further on, after having stripped him of his shirt, I was still wearing my dress and decided to take it off since I had shorts and a tank top on underneath it. After doing so, he stopped me and said, “Are you a virgin? Have you had sex? I don’t want to rush your or put pressure on you. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with,” which put an end to the make-out session. I just couldn’t believe it. I’m 23. I’ve been dreading bringing up that subject and explaining I wasn’t ready to have sex. I was ready to say, “If us not having sex is an issue that’s okay, I understand. We’re adults and should be acting like adults, but I’m not ready so if you want to see someone else, I’m more than happy to go back to being a hermit,” but he fucking had the sex talk for me! This is absurd. I’m used to guys dropping me the next day just for making out with them at a party. This guy still wants me around even though he can’t get into my pants and he knows it. I’ve been so conditioned by past experiences to expect to be abused by guys that he just keeps surprising me left and right. He even invited me to spend the night and said I could have my own bed if I was uncomfortable sharing his. While this doesn’t completely open the floodgates of my trust of relationships or men, this is still a really nice turn of events in my experience with men. 

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a very important gifset of hugh dancy and zooey deschanel making out in ‘our idiot brother’

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Testament of Youth - Official Trailer (x)

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